REVIEW album Maria Meyers ft. Bfourteen Not Alone (Single)

Fundraising For Ukraine With 'Not Alone' By Maria Meyers And Bfourteen

Not Alone (Single)

Maria Meyers ft. Bfourteen

German-singer songwriter, Maria Meyers, has collaborated with Bfourteen, a child choir group from musical theatre company, Theatrix, to bring us ‘Not Alone’ – a song that’s been made with the aim of raising £5555 for Ukrainian charity Way Home to support families still living in war zones.

Written in 20 minutes by Meyers, she connected with Daniel Keaton, choirmaster for Bfourteen, who accompanied her to Circle Studios in Birmingham to record the track.

Opening the track, Maria Meyers gives a fantastic vocal performance as she sings the poignant perspective of someone who is witnessing a war. The opening lyrics convey understanding and compassion, telling those who are currently suffering in Ukraine that ‘you’re not alone’, which is then backed up by Bfourteen who support Meyers, adding a fantastic layer to the overall message.

Meyers carry on the message of hope and solidarity, which is then again backed up by Bfourteen who have added another dynamic to their performance, helping ‘Not Alone’ feel continuously fresh and appropriate to the mood of the song. Finishing dramatically on the same sadness invoking lyrics, the song’s tempo slows before ending on a choral note from Bfourteen.

An overall fantastic song. Using not only great music, but a positive message to touch on a subject that is sensitive for a lot of people in the world. Songs like this help heal the world, giving support to individuals who are in times of need. Supporting ‘Not Alone’ is supporting Ukraine.


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