REVIEW album Nancy Hays 1, 2, 3, Too Many Times (Single)

1, 2, 3, Too Many Times & Come Waltz With Me, By Nancy Hays

1, 2, 3, Too Many Times (Single)

Nancy Hays

In preparation for her new 12-song album ‘Come Waltz with Me’, American singer-songwriter, Nancy Hays, released the first single ‘1, 2, 3, Too Many Times’, and a second single ‘Come Waltz with Me’.

The first song had been an undiscovered gem that surfaced following the funeral of previous collaborator and songwriter, Marjorie Reeves, where Hays met mutual-friends and fellow songwriters, who told her of a song they had once written with Reeves a number of years ago. Having previously never been recorded, Nancy Hays wanted to honour her friend and recorded the single at Reeves’ family home studio.

‘1, 2, 3, Too Many Times’ itself is a classic country song from a woman’s perspective about letting her partner dance with his former flame. Hays gives a fantastic vocal performance, giving the emotion required in each line, with great lyrics that tell a story. A generally great song, Hays paints a superb picture of heartbreak with a vocal performance that any singer should be immensely proud of that is underpinned by a classic country music sound.

The second single, ‘Come Waltz with Me’, is a song about a couple who connect over a dance after locking eyes across a room. Hays taking us through the female perspective, about how much she loves waltzing in the arms of a man and what dancing means to her. A song that takes us through the emotions of being asked for a dance and the dance itself, it’s another song of personal feelings that fits within the country theme so well.

Overall, both singles are great. Vocal performances in both hit the nail on the head, while the lyrics are familiar to anyone who has wrestled with doubts in a relationship and the feeling of being wanted. Nancy Hays’ performance throughout is spectacular, with each lyric delivered just as it should’ve been. With both out now, there is plenty of time to familiarise yourself with Nancy Hays before her full album release of ‘Come Waltz with Me’ – don’t miss out!