REVIEW album Roy Sunak Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre (Single)

Spiritual Music From Roy Sunak, With 'Berceause Pour Le Petit Jean Pierre'

Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre (Single)

Roy Sunak

Injecting a feeling of spirituality and well-being into music at a time where the world seems to be turned on its head, Berlin-based, bansuri master Roy Sunak is here to deliver his latest single, ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’, or ‘Lullaby for the Small Jean Pierre’. As Sunak prepares to release his full album, ‘Tear in the River’, likely to come in February next year, this single will give fans a taste of what’s to come on the full album, make sure you give it a listen!

‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’ starts with an atmospheric, almost haunting piano that is backed up by vocalising and a plucking acoustic guitar, setting the song up nicely. Breaking into Sunak’s immense bansuri work, the single forms nicely, nestling the sounds together perfectly creating a relaxing listen that keeps you engaged. Towards the end, drums, Sunak’s bansuri and piano take centre stage as the song shifts up a gear, which is where Roy Sunak’s musical ability shines through as he plays a faster, louder, more intense tempo than before, bringing ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’ to a climactic conclusion.

A fantastic song, that takes you through a period of engaging relaxation before picking up pace and lifting you up with superb flourishes from each instrument. Sunak, overall, plays beautifully throughout – from start to finish, the music is expertly put together and works so well.







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