REVIEW album Tim Camrose Half of My Life

Tim Camrose Debut Album, 'Half Of My Life'

Half of My Life

Tim Camrose

Singer-songwriter, Tim Camrose, was a surgeon for over 40 years, but now, he has returned to his first calling and has released his debut album, ‘Half of My Life’. With music that has been hidden away for years and a talent that has been bottled for much longer, you can almost guarantee that this album will be rich with experience, unique perspectives and musical ability that has waited years for the expression it deserves. Having been released earlier this year, you can get stuck into ‘Half of My Life’ right now!

Kicking the album off is the lead single, ‘This Is Chicago’, a song that speaks to being in a new city, exploring a new scene and city in in his life, taking a journey that is outside of anything he’s experienced before this moment. A great song, packed with lyrics that paint a picture that is delivered with vocal mastery. The second song, ‘Didn’t Say’, is another storytelling song, which is dedicated to his late parents; the song keeps up the same vocal mastery, delivering yet more great lyrics that make for an engaging listen, accompanied by music that is as equally captivating.

A strong start, it’s followed up with tracks such as ‘A Storm Coming’ and ‘Won’t Matter to Me’, with added rock-like elements that make the creative approach from Camrose stay fresh and interesting. By now, it’s clear to hear the musical and lyrical ability in Tim Camrose’s music, delivering on several creative approaches that are engaging from beginning to end.

Towards the end of the album, we’re hit with an emotional song about young people living in the streets with ‘Somewhere Out There in the Dark’, it cements our opinion that Camrose is a superb musician, capable of turning any subject into a song worth singing with music to accompany it that will blow you away.

Consistently great, ‘Half of my Life’ is an unbelievable debut album, with the feel of an industry seasoned veteran. No gap in quality appears at any stage, with the same high quality being present throughout as well as the superb lyrical ability of Camrose. Having been released earlier this year, this is your sign to go and add Tim Camrose to your playlist! With a debut this strong, you can perhaps expect to hear more from Camrose in the future!