REVIEW album Von Venn Constant Girl (Single)

Von Venn Return With 'Constant Girl'

Constant Girl (Single)

Von Venn

'Constant Girl' by Von Venn is making quite some noise at the moment, with Gary Cox getting the show back on the road after their impressive debut. The band from Dublin established their path earlier this year with the release of 'Ghost,' and here they further explore with their unique brand of indie rock music.

The tune has an unconventional approach, and there is a very subdued atmosphere present at the beginning of it. In addition, the guitars reverberate with stop-start strumming patterns. Gary reaches out with a laid-back vocal performance in which he examines life, reflects on the past and discusses many people's feelings in life and relationships.

A lively atmosphere permeates the mix in the chorus, with the drums picking up a bite and the guitars providing further sparkle to the soundwaves. The guitar tone is quite essential to the music throughout its whole. Still, it particularly shines in the middle section with a wah-wah effect that perfectly harmonises with the incredibly tight bass riff and striking drum hits.

The driving force behind Gary's work is his passion, and when it comes to releases that are the follow-up to debuts, this one by Von Venn has to be up there with the most compelling. It reminds me somewhat of Travis and even Radiohead at times, but it is nothing of the mirror image. In fact, it has a remarkable texture of its own while in part providing plenty for fans of other great rock bands who have come before.