REVIEW album Paraffin Mean (Single)

Paraffin Rock To The Top With 'Mean'

Mean (Single)


The rock opus 'Mean,' just released, was created by the Portsmouth-based band Paraffin. The release from the band has been like an injection of adrenaline to my ears, and I have been clutching to it like a child in a candy store ever since it came out.

'Mean' is compelling from the very first second; it sticks out like a sore thumb for all of the good reasons, and it is abundantly evident that there is harmony within each member of the group. The vocals have a vibe that is all their own, and they bring something new and exciting to the scene. In addition, the band's musical output possesses a quality that is challenging to refuse!

If you enjoy music that packs a punch, you will appreciate how the instruments work together to produce a wall of sound texture that is like medicine for the ears. There are a lot of influences from some of the greatest names in the game right now and prior eras. Although at the same time, the music is still relatively raw and has a lot of original fervour seeping out of every pore.

Paraffin are a band with force to be reckoned with, and they don't hold anything back musically! They are standing tall in Portsmouth, and they are bound to be spreading their wings even further thanks to the release of this beauty!

Overall, a terrific delivery this one from Paraffin, and I am eager to hear what else they have in store!