REVIEW album Rodney Hazard The Man From Nowhere

Rodney Hazard Brings The Chill With 'The Man From Nowhere'

The Man From Nowhere

Rodney Hazard

With the release of his latest extended play, 'The Man From Nowhere', Rodney Hazard showcases the brilliance of his production. The latest release from the US artist and label owner is one that is full of reflection, leaving all of us to think about the year that is coming to a close while also laying out a path forward for 2023.

'The Man From Nowhere' is comprised of six tracks, the first of which is titled 'Stardawg.' I am not going anywhere from the minute the rhythm begins to play! There are mouth watering synths that ascend the echelon of the mix, and the subtle utilisation of female vocal harmonies contributes to the air that is constantly flowing.

'Rainforest' does not have any limitations and even pushes the boundaries of where Rodney left off with 'Nightvision', his previous studio album. It contains an entrancing bass line that pulls us in and keeps us there, and then Rodney takes us for a journey while he combines a variety of sounds into one consistent stew. The way that the track constantly changes its structure and takes a variety of unexpected turns keeps us on the hook throughout its whole.

The final track on the EP is 'TwoWayCall', and it features a path that is replete with a variety of potential outcomes. It begins in a subdued manner and builds up gradually, but as soon as it reaches the melting point, it kicks into a groove that is powerful enough to shake even the most sternest of listeners.