REVIEW album Ultima Kids (Single)

Prog-djent Act Ultima Release The New Single "Kids"

Kids (Single)


Djent is a genre built by many incredible bands, with names as Meshuggah, Volumes, Periphery, SikTh and Tesseract as standard-bearers. And just from this school here we go with Ultima, a new fresh name from Italy with their new single "Kids" out few days ago.

As you imagine djent it's not a classic genre easy listening, and for sure this track confirms this theory. The song cycles through multiple modes, textures, and layers - vacillating between intricate, slow, and downright pretty sonic passages before erupting with brutal riffage and nightmare-haunting vocals. Honestly the only doubt is about the suffocating approach in terms of songwriting (many solos and sound's upheaval), but the final result after some plays is catchy, for sure.