REVIEW album AM Band Freedom in the Air (Single)

'Freedom In The Air', Christmas Single From AM Band

Freedom in the Air (Single)

AM Band

The festive season is here! It’s about that time where you’ll probably be thinking about which Christmas classics to add to the playlist this year and which of the newest releases to include. With that in mind, why not get behind a Christmas song that is not just fantastic but is raising money for those in need who are currently suffering a drought in Africa, as well as purchasing land where wildlife and people are under threat. AM Band are here with ‘Freedom in the Air’ – don’t forget to make a note of this!

A song for the whole world, it’s supporting those in need at a time of year where we all learn the value of giving and being apart of a community that cares. A beautiful song from the first second, the first notes of a piano introduce Andrew Mitchell’s vocals that keep you hooked with a performance hat keeps you on the edge of your seat. Adding in a drums as well as a choir, it elevates the sound giving it a rich layered feel that both balances and compliments Mitchell’s vocals so well. A song that has an appeal in every second, ‘Freedom in the Air’ is the latest Christmas song that you need to turn into a classic.

A great song on the whole, its purpose and message is something we all need to get on board with. Helping those less fortunate and being thankful for what we have is everything Christmas is about, and this is what this fundraising single is all about. Coming to you on December 9th, keep this in mind for the Christmas music this year, and support the causes that this song seeks to help. A global Christmas song for global causes, creating a community worldwide with fantastic music at a wonderful time of year – make sure you don’t miss this!