REVIEW album Akil B. Strange And Rodney Hazard Everything You've Heard Is True

Akil B. Strange Rises With 'Everything You've Heard Is True'

Everything You've Heard Is True

Akil B. Strange And Rodney Hazard

Akil B. Strange has returned, and he has brought along a close friend of his named Rodney Hazard. Their most recent release, 'Everything You've Heard Is True', is an album with infectious hip-hop songs and melodies that grow stronger the more you listen to them. This album is perfect for getting lost in!

The American rapper is known for his exceptional delivery, which helps him push the limits of the scene. He has an endearing way of working his way through each track, delving into contemporary issues that are trending as well as important stories that are close to his heart. In addition, Rodney Hazard, who is quickly climbing the ranks of the industry, has provided a production of a very high level, which complements the clever wordplay very well.

The album begins on the strongest possible footing with the song, 'Good Morning', and then makes a steady ascent to the song 'Weight On Me'. The second single is filled with hazy synths, and it features a rap bar that is on par with those performed by industry heavyweights such as Drake. In a short amount of time, Akil gets to the heart of the matter by discussing his life and the emotions that he is going through at the moment.

'On D Road' is bursting with fervour and whisks me away on an adventure into a world where anything is possible. Once the rap arrives, I am glued to the mix, ready to hear what else is in store for me. The song 'Infantry' starts off with a prelude that makes me think, and the words that come after it help to solidify the feeling.

'Limits', which is the second-to-last tune on the album, does not have any limits; the words mirror the title, and the track is backed up with first-rate rhythmic elements and melodic components.