REVIEW album T Brixson FT Westbrooke Bonita (Single)

T Brixson And Westbrooke Release 'Bonita'

Bonita (Single)

T Brixson FT Westbrooke

The new record by T Brixson and Westbrooke is 'Bonita'. It has a positive and uplifting vibe throughout. Even if dark and chilly days are here, the song is blazing hot with zeal and warms our cockles.

T Brixson and Westbrooke both bring their A-games to the pop gem 'Bonita,' which has a Latin flavour oozing out of it. The beginning of the track is alluring. It gets off to a solid start with a melodic loop that whirls around the speakers alongside an arpeggiated hook that takes us to the corner of the mix home to T Brixson's top-class vocal delivery. He possesses a charismatic vocal appeal that will carry him far in his career and put him on par with the greatest players in the game.

The rhythm plays a significant part in the atmosphere of the track, and it causes us to move along with the cadence while simultaneously transporting us to a tropical island. After that, Westbrooke bursts out of the mix somewhere in the middle, carrying the Latin mood even further with a recent and prevalent effort that adds further quality to an already potent mix. His lyrics, which he sings in his home tongue, are not mainly well known to us, but who cares? Whatever it is that he is saying, it sounds good!

The song improves with each subsequent motion, and its party groove provides wonderful energy. In addition, it is an impressive addition to the already strong Latin-pop tracks that have been storming the scene in recent years.