REVIEW album Michael Tinholme and Band of Legends ft. Mike Garson Lullaby for Our Daughters (Single)

Bring In The Festive Feeling With Michael Tinholme And Band Of Legends!

Lullaby for Our Daughters (Single)

Michael Tinholme and Band of Legends ft. Mike Garson

Michael Tinholme and his Band of Legends have come together with the expert Mike Garson to bring a song that is as smooth as velvet, ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’. Inspired by International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, it’s yet another great song by Michael Tinholme that needs to be heard!

‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ starts off wonderfully, with Garson’s piano introducing the song with a soft twinkling sound, laying the ground for Tinholme to deliver a vocal performance that is instantly likeable that tells a story that is that hits right at the heart of what the festive season if all about. The story is around a father who is putting his daughter to bed, singing his daughter a lullaby before she goes to sleep – a song of a father and daughter, a parent and child in a loving manner is the perfect symbol of Christmas, with Tinholme delivering each line that keeps listeners hooked and allow his Band of Legends and Mike Garson to flourish.

Our family and children are the most important part of our festive season with the theme at this time of year being heavily set on love, family and sharing our time. A song such as this hits right at the centre of those things, making it a fantastic festive season song that will fill the home with a loving sound, that sets the scene perfectly for a family Christmas. Music like this makes us closer together and is the perfect addition to the Christmas playlist this year – being released in March earlier this year, it’s out now to get you into the festive spirit this Christmas and fill the home with a vibe that is all about family.