REVIEW album The AM Band Freedom In The Air (Single)

Christmas Charity Single From AM Band, 'Freedom In The Air'

Freedom In The Air (Single)

The AM Band

Are you looking for a new Christmas song that’ll fit amongst all of the classics we all know and love? You need to read this! The AM Band are about to release ‘Freedom in the Air’, a song that doubles as a charity single for The British Red Cross Africa Famine Appeal, as well as The Rocha International Rainforest Charity, giving this song not only a Christmas feel, but an underlying message of giving which is exactly what Christmas is all about. You need to make a note to not miss out!

A song that’s written with the whole world in mind, it’s a fantastic song from the very first second. A piano kicks us off as we’re introduced to Andrew Mitchell, who provides a vocal performance that will get your attention while the choir and drums will hold your attention. The music and lyrics carry a message beautifully, with the choir adding a fantastic angle to ‘Freedom in the Air’ that only serves Mitchell’s vocals well.

A generally great song, it holds a message of freedom that is spread at a time of year where being thankful and considering others. With money going to a cause in need of our help.



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