REVIEW album Roy Sunak Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre (Single)

Berceause Pour Le Petit Jean Pierre By Roy Sunak

Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre (Single)

Roy Sunak

At a time where the world seems turned on its head, Roy Sunak is here with music that will bring a feeling of spirituality and well-being into music with his latest single, ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’. Serving as a taster for his upcoming album, ‘Tear in the River’'. With a masterful ability on the bansuri, Roy Sunak is sure to excite anyone who hears this.

Starting with an atmospheric piano that fits superbly alongside the vocalising and guitar, it allows Sunak’s bansuri plating to take centre stage, giving it a sturdy platform for it to stand on. With all the sounds coming together nicely to create a relaxing listen in parts, while also keeping you engaged. Coming towards the end of the track, the tempo shifts up a gear where and the quality of the music really shines through, as they all manage to take a shift upwards, while still sticking together to create superb music. As ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’ is brought to an end, it’s hard not to press replay to enjoy another musical journey that is unlike anything we’re going to hear elsewhere.

‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’ is overall a great song, and a single that promises to be followed up by an album that will be just as impressive. Roy Sunak’s musical display on the single is a unique yet fantastic musical display that gives a sound that we don’t hear often – a journey within itself, it’s a song that takes you to different places while keeping it enjoyable until the last second. ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’, it’s ready for you to dive into now while you prepare for his album, ‘Tear in the River’.







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