REVIEW album Displace Accidental

Improvisational Funk Rock Fusion Band Displace Reveals Their 3rd Album



If you haven't yet heard of the progressive rock and funk rock fusion band Displace, you'd be missing out on some of the best music on the market today. The Tampa-based band's saxophone and electric violin-driven sound is influenced by the band's many musical interests and backgrounds, producing a truly eclectic blend of infectious pop melodies, complex jazz progressions, and danceable funk grooves.

Displace formed in 2012 strictly as an experimental improvisation act. Eventually, compositions formed and evolved through the spontaneity of live performance, and made their way onto their 2015 debut album, 'Eureka!' Today, they've just released their 3rd album, 'Accidental.'

'Accidental' is a 7 song collection with a strong similarity to Radiohead meets Pink Floyd. The whole album encompasses a single series of events from making a huge, life altering decision. The music - lyrics combination is unlike anything I've ever heard. They are so well balanced and enticing.

Each song bleeds into the next which only elevates the story and journey they guide you through. It's absolutely like putting on a VR mask as you listen to this song. The song that really sticks with you is "Caverns." They use their instrumentation in a way that takes you through the caverns of your minds, your own inner thoughts. The point of the song is that you traverse the labyrinthian catacombs of your subconscious, drifting aimlessly, searching for something resembling anything in a sea of everything in your mind, you wander and wonder, hoping to somehow make sense of yourself.

I highly recommend 'Accidental'. It reaches every audience with it's unique sound and catchy melodies. Keep your eyes on Displace!