REVIEW album Julie-Anne Grace She Sings, She Soars (Single)

'Dance To Each Other's Beat', The Feel-Good Single From Julie-Anne Grace

She Sings, She Soars (Single)

Julie-Anne Grace

If you’re in need of some feel-good music to bring your new year in with a positive message, then I have the suggestion for you! Julie-Anne Grace has released ‘Dance to Each Other’s Beat’ as she prepares for the release of her album, ‘She Sings, She Soars.’ The lead single from the album, it’s a song that is all about diversity in life, offering kindness to those who need it and opening your arms up to the world. With a message as great as this, make sure you don’t miss out on this!

Coming from the famous Welsh valleys, Julie-Anne has spent a large part of her life devoted to others, going across the world in her pursuit to help women overcome challenges in their life. With abusive family and relationships in her past, Julie-Anne has had to heal on her own journey, which ultimately aids in her as she aims to uplift everyone she meets. The music that she creates also seeks to do just that, and that’s what music like ‘Dance to Each Other’s Beat’ is all about. Overcoming differences, healing through hardship and making the world a better place, where we all think about one another and celebrate what makes us different.

Starting off with guitar riffs and a piano that makes you just want to get up and dance, it’s the perfect mood-setter for what Julie-Anne’s message is all about, giving her the platform to deliver a vocal performance that will blow you away. An instant great feel with lyrics to keep the feeling going, this is a song you cannot possibly ignore. Not only bringing good music into your life, but a message that is worth remembering at all times.

‘Dance to Each Other’s Beat’ serves as the lead single from Julie-Anne’s upcoming album, ‘She Sings, She Soars,’ giving the album the best introduction possible. Focused on kindness, healing and being a change for good, it’s a message that the world needs with so much divide. With a story to share, love to give and music to create, Julie-Anne Grace is an artist that absolutely needs to be on your playlist, ready to lift your mood from the very first second.