REVIEW album Crabb Mykonos (Single)

'Mykonos' From Crabb, As He Prepares For New Album, 'English American'

Mykonos (Single)


If you’re looking for a new favourite artist to sink your teeth into, then look no further than Crabb, as he steps into the spotlight to bring us his latest single, ‘Mykonos’. The lead single and first release from his upcoming album ‘English American’, it’s the final project being undertaken by the late, great producer, Steve Brown, who has worked with legends such as Wham, Freddie Mercury and Elton John. Following Brown’s passing, the legendary, six-time Grammy winner, Steve Lilywhite CBE gave additional direction. With new music that’s seen some unbelievable talent working on the project, this is absolutely something that you cannot afford to miss!

‘Mykonos’ itself is a love letter to Crabb’s wife, where his powerful vocals and fantastic guitar provide the platform for that message. With a stripped back texture, it makes for much more intimate listening where the lyrics and vocals take centre stage that give the song it’s acoustic sound that is as emotional as it is beautiful.

Released alongside a music video, it pairs Crabb’s music with the visual performance of contemporary dancer, Tess Howell, as she dances in London’s Langdon Centre, which is owned by the Downs Syndrome Association, chosen in support of the engineer for Mykonos, whose daughter is a wonderfully talented performer with downs syndrome.

Crabb’s album ‘English American’ has been 20 years in the making. Having met producer Steve Brown in the mid-90s, the two became close friends while they both worked at Sony EMI together, and for two decades, they recorded a collection of songs which would form the basis of the album. With influences from Brit-pop to Folk alongside some of the best production around, this will be an album that you cannot miss. Make sure you follow Crabb and listen to this single, ‘Mykonos’.