REVIEW album Reece Sullivan Gethsemane

Third Album From Reece Sullivan With 'Gethsemane'


Reece Sullivan

If you’re a fan of Bob Dylan’s folk style with lyrics that tell a story, then you’re going to love this latest album by Reece Sullivan! Sullivan’s third album, ‘Gethsemane’ nearly never made it, with the project clashing with other artistic ventures. However, motivated by friend Daniel Sanda, Sullivan created this eight track album that turned out to be a joy to create, alone with his thoughts and creativity, Sullivan puts out yet another promising project. With music in his blood, his grandfather give him a harmonica at the age of 3, and first learned the piano when he was 6 years old, Reece Sullivan has gradually progressed into a world class folk artist, who delivers lyrics and music that will blow you away. Don’t miss this!

Kicking the album off, is the fantastic ‘Highway Diner Plates’. If you came for the Bob Dylan likeness, then this song will reward you – a fantastic acoustic guitar, setting the scene as it’s plucked into a beautiful progression, before the vocals of Sullivan come in, giving a vocal performance that is reminiscent of the best of Dylan. Lyrics that fit with the mood well, sung in a style that makes them stand out just that little bit more. Heading into the second track, ‘All the While I Was Away’, the lead single from the album, we see again more of what we saw in the first track – wonderful guitar work and lyrics, with Sullivan’s vocals telling a story that keeps you hooked. An unbelievable opening, it strongly sets itself up to be one of the best folk albums we’ve heard so far.

The rest of the album lives up to the same standard set by the opening. Tracks such as ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’, ‘Lazy Babe’ and ‘I’ve Encountered Many Struggles’ keep up the same energy, with the music doing all of the talking. It’s not often that you hear an album that is a genuine non-skip album, but that Reece Sullivan has done, and made it seem easy in the process.

Having listened to every second of ‘Gethsemane,’ I can safely say that it is absolutely worth your time. From the first song all the way to the last, the acoustic guitar sets the scene perfectly, leaving Sullivan’s vocals ample room and time to hook you in with his unique sound and his storytelling lyrics. Overall a great album, this is something that you simply cannot miss. Get to know Sullivan’s previous album releases, ‘Middle Sea’ and ‘Arkansas’, the perfect introduction to what he’s all about. Make sure you keep an eye out for this!