REVIEW album The Chewgs Let It Out

The Chewgs Let It Out With New Release

Let It Out

The Chewgs

With the release of their latest single, "Let It Out," the Worcester-based duo known as The Chewgs are making waves in the folky pop industry. Kev and Gez make up The Chewgs. The new arrival is now available on all of the main streaming services, and it is an invigorating experience of which we do not appear to be able to get enough at the moment.

The Chewgs break through the cacophony of the industry while remaining true to the roots that have been established in the scene before them. This allows them to excite while simultaneously pushing past the noise. ' Let It Out' opens with an unconventional overture that consists of a bass line that propels the song onward. It is a bass riff that is deserving of being in the spotlight, and it is this riff that pulls us to the edge of the speakers before leading us to a strummed guitar pattern that has a multicoloured texture.

The vocals come in rapid succession, and as they do, the words begin to resonate, which are about expressing our innermost feelings, being authentic to who we are, and prevailing in life over the challenges that we must face. This song gives off the impression that the band is growing into their own and is now coming to terms with the fact that it is time to let some noise out. The chorus is where the magic happens, and both Kev and Gez add to the overall soundscape. One of them sings at a lower note, and the other sits atop it with a harmonised approach.