REVIEW album Her Skin I Started A Garden

Her Skin, Debut Album, 'I Started A Garden' Is A Joyous, Dreamy Delight

I Started A Garden

Her Skin

I came across Her Skin last year when I stumbled across her set at Brighton’s Great Escape. She was captivating live, and I was eager to seek her music out and hear more, so when I heard she was releasing her debut album, I was very excited to get a copy and see if her album was as good as she was live. I am happy to report, that yes, this album lived up to my first impression of this artist, she is definitely one to watch.

Originally from Modena, Italy, Her Skin is 25-year-old singer songwriter, Sara Ammendolia. She has released an album of 9, dreamy, very personal songs that transport you into a soundtrack of Sara’s life. Each song feels like it is a personal message, a lesson in love, somewhat nostalgic and each one feels like a story that most people can relate to.

Sara’s voice is pure and smooth, it brings me warmth like a creamy, dreamy hot chocolate on a snowy day! The songs have very deep lyrics but at the same time have light-hearted melodies. My personal favourite is ‘Confident’, a reminder that life is not perfect, its ok to mess up! A quirky, joyous song that brings a smile to my face each time I listen to it. I have included a video below of this particular track.

I highly recommend this album, it is a pure delight, also, worth noting, the album will be released on vinyl early January, if you are like me and a vinyl junkie this is good news indeed!