REVIEW album Ervin She Never Made Old Bones (Single)

Ervin Releases Stand Out Single, 'She Never Made Old Bones'

She Never Made Old Bones (Single)


Ervin, a folk artist, based in Norfolk, is the songwriter who has much up his sleeve, as demonstrated by his latest tune, 'She Never Made Old Bones,' which he released a few weeks back. It is the follow-up to the singer-songwriter's previous release, "Why Did I Keep Moving On," and it is yet another step on the right path.

The newest arrival is saturated with feeling, and Ervin demonstrates a remarkable level of intensity not only vocally but also musically. He invests everything he has into his work, and he manages to catch our interest with a quality that is visceral in its texture while still possessing a nostalgic air about it.

'She Never Made Old Bones' is a mixture of indie-folk and country-folk, with a variety of other folk subgenres coming out of the track at points as well! The majority of the musical labour in the song is performed by an acoustic guitar, which means that the song does not consist of an entirely overly complex instrumentation. However, this is not a problem at all because it still sounds full and rich with depth, and the vocals lend weight to the already substantial sound in which it dwells.

The lyrics are moving, and from what I can tell, the songs depict the grief and pain that comes from losing a loved one before their time. It is a tale that touches the heart and conveys the emotions that many people go through when they have to part with someone.