REVIEW album Michael Tinholme It's Christmas Time In The City (Single)

War Is Over! Enjoy This Jazz Remake Of John Lennon's Classic From Michael Tinholme

It's Christmas Time In The City (Single)

Michael Tinholme

Looking for fresh new music to welcome in Christmas? Try this new jazz-infused classic from Michael Tinholme, as he covers John Lennon’s ‘Happy Christmas (War Is Over)’. Taken from his album ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’, it’s a smooth reimagining of a nostalgic track that we all know and love that is absolutely needed in your Christmas playlist!

First hitting play, we’re quickly introduced to the smooth vocals of Michael Tinholme, grabbing your attention with an impressive vocal performance. With music from the Band of Legends, it holds the attention that Tinholme first attracted, balancing wonderfully with Tinholme’s vocals, doing every part of Lennon’s original justice. Additions such as an immense guitar solo really help this song be so good, with every element adding what’s needed to create a truly unique approach to a track such as this.

An overall great track, Tinholme and the Band of Legends are able to create a song that is wholly their own, while also paying respects to all of the aspects we enjoyed about the original. As per usual, Michael Tinholme is able to bring a smoothness with a jazz style that is so laid back and cool that it demands to be listened to, mix that talent with a John Lennon classic, the result is a Christmas song that well and truly needs to be heard this Christmas!