REVIEW album Michael Tinholme and Band of Legends When Winter Falls on New York (Single)

Smooth Jazz Christmas Classic From Michael Tinholme With 'When Winter Falls On New York'

When Winter Falls on New York (Single)

Michael Tinholme and Band of Legends

If you love the smooth feel of jazz but are tired of the pop-like feel to Christmas music, then Michael Tinholme has got a treat for you! After having released his album, ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’, Tinholme released the single ‘When Winter Falls on New York’, a delightful Christmas track that feels as nostalgic as it does great.

Starting off smooth, Tinholme gives an instant vocal performance that nestles alongside a piano nicely, setting the tone for the song perfectly. With an abundance of storytelling lyrics from Tinholme, we’re taken on a journey through New York City as the seasons change, with each slight change being noticed. From the fall of the leaves, to the children in the streets – it’s a song that has immense descriptive detail regarding a time of year that we all remember fondly and can identify with in some way, New Yorker or not.

Giving everyone a taste of Christmas in music, this latest single from Tinholme is not to be ignored by any means, with a style that is truly otherworldly. Having been taken from his album ‘It’s Christmas Time in the City’, it’s an example of the quality that Tinholme can bring to any track. Bringing a slice of New York into your homes this Christmastime, look no further than Michael Tinholme!