REVIEW album Charmaine Wohlmann Avalanche (Single)

Charmaine Wohlmann Releases 'Avalanche'

Avalanche (Single)

Charmaine Wohlmann

Charmaine Wohlmann's newest single, 'Avalanche' demonstrates that she possesses a high-octane energy coursing through her veins. This latest offering from the British singer-songwriter is not one miss, as she brings her high class to the forefront of the scene distinctively and intriguingly.

This new tune is up there with the most potent of debut releases. The song opens with a bluesy guitar riff which gradually strums its way forward. After that, a bass kick arrives in the mix, and Charmaine, who captivates with her impressive vocal effort, also enters. The classically trained singer draws from a wide variety of musical forms and fuses the music she has been influenced by into a melting pot overflowing with enthusiasm and fervour.

On this track, Charmaine discusses the challenges she has had and the obstacles she has had to overcome to get to the place in life that she wants to be. There is a feeling that nothing is impossible, and if you set your mind to the task at hand, you can do anything, even the wildest of your dreams. The music echoes the feeling conveyed by the wordplay, and as it progresses, it becomes progressively more intense while also revealing an increasing number of extra parts, all of which add to the exciting encounter.

The chorus is unforgivably catchy, and the tune worms its way through the mind, resulting in an earworm experience that lingers in our memories long after the song has finished playing. So, what next for Charmaine? Hopefully, more gems like this one!