REVIEW album HANNAN Break Me (Single)

'Break Me', From Hard Rocking, HANNAN

Break Me (Single)


Looking for some new, raw, real rock music? You’re in luck! HANNAN, the Kentucky-native five piece are here with a new video for their single, ‘Break Me’. With an instant appeal with its rocking guitar riffs and drums, this is a track that you simply cannot afford to miss!

Starting off with room shaking drums and fantastic guitar riffs that set the mood of the music, it gives lead vocalist Graham Hannan the perfect space to deliver unadulterated rock vocals that will keep you hooked from the very first second. A head banging listen from the very start, it’s a track that’ll have you pressing repeat time and time again.

Released alongside a music video, it shows the band performing like bonified rockstars on a stage, with Daniel Hannan filling the role of frontman with absolute ease. Introduced to the main character in the music video, we can see someone who is sick of her life. Her job sucks, her boyfriend is lazy and uninterested, so she leaves her boring life behind as she ventures into a rage room, where she takes a sledgehammer to the room while dressed up, almost as if in this room she’s a different person. Having smashed the room to pieces, she leaves just as the song ends and she returns to her normal life.

A track and video that dovetail together brilliantly, it’s a combination of art that is more than worth your time. HANNAN are a band that you absolutely need to get to know! It’s not often that you see a band that put out music or video as good as this, proving themselves to be real creative masters.


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