REVIEW album Chaidura With You

With You - Chaidura

With You


Honestly, I’m surprised by this track. It’s not the style, the sound or something similar, but I’m touched by emotions that this artist has evoked in me with his words. The concept was inspired by the contrast of feelings obtained when someone close to Chaidura was diagnosed with an irreversible medical condition. And as you know, this type of things are the dark side of the life. But as explained the song is an incredible mix of emotions, Chaidura is for sure an interesting artist with a good taste in terms of songwriting.

“With You” is a blend of electronic, emo and metal parts, inspired by bands like Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance and a little dose of J-rock. I’m sure that this single is just the first step of the brilliant artistic career of Chaidura, hope to hear something of new very soon!