REVIEW album Kaysien Elements

Join Kaysien For An Introspective Dive In New EP 'Elements'



Who said instrumental music is boring? Certainly not me and if you ever thought that, Kaysien will make you change your mind!

Kaysien tells a story in his latest EP 'Elements', the one of someone (himself) going into a new sonic territory in an introspective dive into self-identity with 4 shamanic tracks ‘Air’ ‘Earth’ ‘Water’ & ‘Fire’.

In the 4 songs, Kaysien experiments with sounds and uses his mixed-race heritage to create something unique. For example, the lead single ‘Fire’ mashes up Caribbean rhythms with a weighty piano riff, a side order of rootsy groove, and a chant-like vocal based on a raw emotive expression.

Who is Kaysien? A British Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer & Engineer currently based in London where he produces music in his West London studio.

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