REVIEW album CHÉ Take You Down (Single)

Take You Down Is Easily One Of My Favourite R&B Tracks Of Recent Years

Take You Down (Single)


A R&B artist at the peak of his game, it was no surprise to me that CHÉ is a grammy nominated songwriter artist that's written for big name artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Maxi Priest. “Take You Down” is a fantastic release with layers of credibility, and elements that state that Ché is destined for his name in lights. Specialising in hip-hop and R&B, the new single comes across as refreshingly original and highly energetic. What I love about the single is there's a sultry yet upbeat mix of R&B and trap elements throughout the number. Sounding somewhere between Bryson Tiller and Torey Lanez, there's a playful melody throughout and metaphorical ability that makes him even more unique - if that's possible.

Though Che has been surrounded by musical genius his entire life, he credits all of his accomplishments to getting it off the muscle. Che’s exploration of his musical identity started with battle rapping. I can truly hear this artist playing to wider audiences across the world and becoming an artist with his name firmly in flashing lights. Embodying his evolution as an artist and telling one of the many stories of his normal life vs relationship life, this is a relatable number with layers of character yet moments to breathe throughout. "Take You Down" certainly points CHÉ in the right direction and he's got a new fan here for life.