REVIEW album Lily Kaplan Just Friends (Single)

This Song Feels Like I've Gained A New Best Friend

Just Friends (Single)

Lily Kaplan

Armed with a message that hardship and heartbreak can build character and strength, Lily Kaplan is the inspiring artist I needed in my life. Written after going through heartache, ‘Just Friends’ hears Lily process those emotions and clearly states she uses music as a form of escapism. Heavily influenced by a diverse range of artists from Radiohead, Otis Redding to Eloise and Melanie Faye, Lily’s music is hard to pin point to one specific style, and that's what I love even more about it. About letting go of a person that you've been holding on to for too long, It feels like the final goodbye to one chapter and a new leaf for Lily, and after going through things similar in my life, I can further relate to this masterpiece.

Musically captivating from the first note, ‘Just Friends’ was produced by Sammy Gonzalez and further mastered by Ryan Haft. A relatable indie-pop single that comes in a time of need for the heartbroken across the globe, Lily’s comforting vocals speak volumes that we all can familiarise ourselves with. A track that sits happily on repeat, ‘Just Friends’ dives into realms of indie but nudges a polished pop production that could leave it debuting at the top of the charts.

About growth and allowing yourself to become the best version of yourself after being tied down for a while, 'Just Friends' is transcending and indie-pop at it's finest. More tracks like this please Lily!