REVIEW album GENIUS Slow Down (Single)

No Need To Slow Down, This Song Is Fast Paced And I Love It

Slow Down (Single)


An artist with layers of credibility, GENIUS is his artist name but also sums up his craft perfectly, too. Talking about how a girl keeps finessing a guy who slides on her Instagram messages, the track feels like pursuing someone you shouldn't. However, he keeps doing all he can to win her over even though he knows she is hard to get because she is richer than him.” Featuring a captivating supernatural vibe that's distinctive and easy on the ears, the instrumental of the track will bury itself into your soul and never leave. Musically, somewhere between afrobeat and R&B, ‘Slow Down’ will instantly have you jiving with its addictive beat. Receiving previous support from the likes of The Guardian (Nigeria), and reaching #1 in the iTunes Album Chart (Nigeria), GENIUS is best described as a force to be reckoned with.

Not something I'd usually go out of my way to listen to, Slow Down really found a place in my heart simply because of GENIUS' vocals and timbre to his instrumentation. Based around a freestyle, you can really tel that GENIUS loves storytelling in all of his song and that there needs to be message behind it all. Becoming an enormous success in Southern Nigeria and receiving airplay on many radio stations, the next step would be to get GENIUS known worldwide - I can help... I'll start letting my friends know all about this incredible artist.