REVIEW album Anita Luki LYM - Love Version (Single)

I Love This Version Of Anita Luki's Track

LYM - Love Version (Single)

Anita Luki

This version of Anita Luki's LYM track is utterly spine-tingling. Armed with a stripped back production and elegant vocals, the track is emotive and bathed in a powerful arrangement. Detailing a conversation between her present self and younger self, this track is all about growth and letting you be able to fully be yourself - the most important thing. Her songwriting stems from her love for playing the piano and you can truly hear that in this thoughtful number. Playing a huge role in many of her songs, emotive piano melodies and passionate vocals are Anita’s forte. Consisting of tracks that use her running themes of captivating harmonies and emotional lyricism, Anita’s discography sits between Pop and R&B. Detailing the importance of growth and self discovery, the powerful version of Anita’s new anthem is entirely relatable and walks upon familiar ground. A journey through pain, growth and healing - Anita Luki’s music left me weak at the knees.

One thing I love about Anita's music is her incredible vocal range. Able to soothe the soul yet leave you on your toes, this song is remarkably original and informative. It'll make you think, it'll make you feel emotions you may not have felt for a while but most importantly, it'll make you remember your own worth. Thank you Anita for creating music that I really needed to hear right about now - your music is a saviour.