REVIEW album Grafted Culture Ivory Stands (Single)

Grafted Culture Are My New Favourite Folk Duo

Ivory Stands (Single)

Grafted Culture

Ivory Stands is innovative and lies between folk and avant-garde. A phenomenal outfit that's music is right up my street, Grafted Culture have been in my head ever since I've heard their distinctive music. Creating gentle folk music poised with poetic lyricism that stir the emotions, the duo are known for their incredible harmonies. What adds even more to their music is their amazingly humble and gentle natures that find joy in sharing their passion for life with others. The two sisters grew up travelling and experiencing different cultures and countries, and by doing this, led the siblings to find their music calling.

About turning your back to the history that formed and shaped you, this track reminds me of growth and remembering that it's not about the destination, but the journey along the way. Prompting reflection as perseverance, ‘Ivory Stands’ is a truly inspiring release that comes across as entirely innovative. Grafted Culture’s unique sound is influenced by the constant struggle with love and loss as they fall in love with the culture and people of a region and are forced to say goodbye as they are called to move on.

I think they're definitely masters at their craft and could easily become the new face of folk music. I just hope they get the recognition that they truly deserve. Positive forces not only in the music world but also helping their local community, the sisters are truly inspirational.