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'Last Chance', The Self-Titled Debut Album From New York Rockers, Last Chance

Last Chance

Last Chance

Are you in need of some new punk inspired rock music? Look no further than Last Chance! A hard-rocking band out of NYC with their self-titled debut album, ‘Last Chance’, they promise to deliver 10 tracks of pure rock essence in their music, with hard-hitting drums and vocals, with melodic and powerful riffs. An album that is sure to excite anyone who hears it, make sure that you don’t miss this!

The first track on the album, ‘Light the Fire’, kicks the door down as the album gets underway. A track all about being back making music, it’s a song that is the definition of rocking out as each member truly goes for it. Baron’s guitar riffs are brilliantly punchy as they balance within Cannata’s drums and Frankie Rage’s immense lyrics and vocal style. A song where each aspect each members individual talent stands out, while also adding to each other superbly. A great start to the album, it’s an introduction that promises to have many more mind-blowing tracks on the way.

After the ear-catching ‘Light the Fire’, our hopes were high for the second track, ‘Sick of it All’. Waiting to hear more of what I enjoyed about the first track, the second track delivered on that aspect, while also showing a storytelling approach to their music, with ‘Sick of it All’ written from the perspective of someone who is sick of living through the Covid pandemic. A new aspect of their songwriting, it only adds to how good their music is on the whole.

Going through the rest of the album, their distinctive sound is evident, a clearly carved individual approach that has been mastered by the band who are able to add that very sound into songwriting capabilities that are as equally good. Tracks such as ‘Human Eyes’, ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Man’ and ‘Kamikaze’ showcase their versatile songwriting, as each track has a very different subject matter, but still contains the immense music that we were introduced to in ‘Light the Fire’. The album shows itself to be a collection of music that is beyond just a group of musicians, but is an example of songwriting and musical talent that well and truly delivers on both rock and storytelling aspects. Fantastic throughout, it’s an example of proper rock music.

Overall, ‘Last Chance’ is an album that will blow you away and keep you on the edge of your seat with both it’s guitar solos and storytelling ability. Each track has a tone of its own, telling stories of its own, and each time Last Chance make their mark on them while making them just as good as the last. Able to use all types of subjects in their music, they have a versatility that is fresh and exciting. If you love rock music, then you do not want to miss out on this!


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