REVIEW album HANNAN Break Me (Single)

'Break Me', The Single From HANNAN

Break Me (Single)


Are you on the lookout for some mind-blowing rock music? Then you’re going to need to know about this! Kentucky five piece, HANNAN, are here with their single ‘Break Me’, which is accompanied by a music video that promises to match the immense quality of the track. With music that will blow the roof off and a video that will have you on the edge of your seat, make sure that you do not miss this!

The track kicks off with drums and guitars that allow Graham Hannan, the lead vocalist, to deliver some brilliant lyrics that set the tone for the track wonderfully. With an incredible ability on display with the music, lyrics and vocals, they all come together to create a track that truly feels like it belongs in the golden age of rock music, which is sure to be of interest to anyone who is a fan of good music.

The video for the track blends in seamlessly with the feel of the music. A young woman, who is seemingly sick of her normal day to day life as her job is boring, her boyfriend is lazy, she decides to let off some steam by heading to a room that she can destroy with a sledgehammer, dressed in a way that may not be expected of her in her normal life. Destroying everything around her, she is the perfect visual representation for the music, matching the feeling of the music so well. Alongside this storytelling aspect of the visuals, there are undeniably cool shots of HANNAN, rocking out on stage that holds them up as bona fide rock stars.

‘Break Me’ is a single that any band would be proud of releasing. A high quality track with music, lyrics and vocals that all come together to make a thoroughly enjoyable listen. The video alone is fantastic, but mixed with the music, it elevates both aspects to a whole other level with visual storytelling that is out of this world. A track that you have you on the edge of your seat with every second, make sure that you don’t miss out on this!