REVIEW album Koza Heart Bleeds (Single)

My Heart Bleeds With Love For This Song

Heart Bleeds (Single)


An independent artist that instantly caught my attention when she released this song, 'Heart Bleeds' is the heroic song from Koza that was written in the stars to be at the top of my playlist. Inspired by the likes of ethereal artists Kate Bush & Fleetwood Mac, Koza is an artist with a clear vision that believes in the power of dreaming, the power of love and real connections. Hearing this throughout her music, Koza is on a mission to inspire dreams and empower everyone to embrace the power in vulnerability. Armed with synth-pop sensibilities and an exquisite singer-songwriter vibe throughout, you’ll find yourself instantly singing the track from the first note. Heart Bleeds is about not shying away from relishing in the nostalgia of a love that makes you feel alive. It’s an ode to the kind of love that is beyond time, togetherness or separation, and the sole beauty of it irreverently changing you. A fierce woman that stands for self expression, connection and purposeful creation, Koza has taken control of her career and business. Heart Bleeds feels like something that you'd put into a time capsule to show to your kids, grandkids and further family in the future. I certainly will be doing that!

On a mission to change the pop world firmly and make it her own, this is an artist I will 100% be keeping in my ears from this moment on. Love her energy and astonishing vocals.