REVIEW album Lon'nie Smile Back (Single)

This Song Makes Me Smile From Ear To Ear

Smile Back (Single)


This track instantly made me smile and I'm so thankful for that. The sort of track you stick on when you need a Friday feeling on a Monday, Lon'nie's Smile Back is innovative and oozes charisma. Discovering his passion for 80’s rock and pop from a young age, Lon’nie adopted the happy-go-lucky style of the decades into his own musical musings with a vengeance. Known for his unique approach to gaining worldwide attention, Lon’nie looks set to continue his success with further releases planned for the foreseeable future. Produced by Diamondz, ‘Smile Back’ is armed with an infectious beat that will leave you heading to the nearest dancefloor. Armed with character and attitude, this will instantly left me smiling from ear to ear.

Having heard the track in his imagination and rolling with it, Lon’nie knew which direction it had to go in and I'm so pleased he did. The direction really shows that this artist isn't just music-minded, but also business minded. He knew this track would be able to captivate people and make them, well, smile.

I found my smile again when I stuck this on, for what felt like the millionth time. About loving the way your partner is smiling back at you, I love how this track feels inclusive. It's not just about partners' adoration, you can make it about your friends, family and everything in between. Truly magical song that brings me so much euphoria.