REVIEW album Dora Donaldson You Wonder Why (Single)

You Wonder Why I Like This Song So Much? Listen To It!

You Wonder Why (Single)

Dora Donaldson

There's something about songs that are about self-worth that instantly makes me love them. When an artist can use their art to get personal with their fans and become even closer to the music, that's what makes me love music even more. Music is all about connection and Dora Donaldson's music genuinely makes me feel connected and at one with myself. You Wonder Why acts as the next stage in a series that she's working on about self growth. It's about facing the inevitable backlash for becoming your own person and becoming the best person of yourself - and I am HERE for it!

Dreaming of her music being featured on the silver screen, Dora Donaldson’s remarkable music will leave you wanting more. “You Wonder Why” is a downtempo folk track that comes across as a breathtaking ballad. Sounding like the rebirth of Dora, hearing her music in this new light is spine-tingling. Showcasing darker themes, cinematic instrumentals and a sense of urgency, the track is about finally using your voice to say what you mean. The product of a collaboration between two local Malayasian producers, the track was recorded and produced during one of the lockdowns in the past year.

You Wonder Why I'm raving about this song so much? You need to stick it on and be the judge of it, but seriously take my word for it - it's brilliant and right up my street!