REVIEW album The Moon The Underground (Single)

I Love This To The Moon And Back

The Underground (Single)

The Moon

Born after a lunch break that the group took at a natural water fountain next to their studio, this release and the concept behind it was definitely not what I thought it was going to be. When they came back to the studio, they recorded the melody of the chorus, and some harmonies and painted the beat with atmospheric sounds. I love how the track feels quite naturistic and you can hear the short connection that the group have with nature, and how it can fill you up with inspiration for new sounds and musical ideas. Sometimes inspiration comes and bites us in the strangest of places, and I'm totally here for it.

Musically, the track resides in an indie meets psychedelic scenario that I completely love. “The Underground” is a gorgeous offering with synth-pop elements throughout that showcase the duo’s infectious electronic songwriting. Featuring vocals from Sapir Shoval, the collaboration feels like it's been sent straight from heaven. Having been making beats together in Tel Aviv, Israel since 2015, the two-piece have a comfortable discography sat behind them which is amazing for me being a fan... I've got more music to dive into! Creating a unique sound in collaborations with top musicians, movers and visual artists from around the world, The Moon need to be signed sooner, rather than later!

The Underground is fierce and energetic - I want more music like this in my life.