REVIEW album Anouska Taylor Awaken (Single)

This Makes Me Want To Sing From The Rooftops

Awaken (Single)

Anouska Taylor

Soul pop has a new face and it's Anouska Taylor - you've heard it here from me. Enriching the acoustic pop landscape with her soulful sound, Anouska's single 'Awaken' makes me feel like I've woken up from a long slumber, feeling refreshed and excited for the next day.

“Awaken” is an iconic single ballad that could easily find itself in the adult-contemporary, soul-pop charts. Musically mesmerising and able to capture your heart with her stunning vocals, Anouska’s ‘Awaken’ has star-quality written all over it. Recorded at Metropolis Studios with a string quartet and an electric guitarist, ‘Awaken’ is a beautiful serenade with layers of character.

An inspiring artist that turned to songwriting after the sudden passing of her parents, Anouska’s songwriting is personal and heartfelt. Having only started to get into songwriting at the beginning of lockdown, Anouska had spent her life singing other people’s music.

Anouska has the same energy as Eva Cassidy, and the stunning vocal to pair with it. A visionary in her songwriting and ability to control her voice, 'Awaken' is another string to her ever-growing bow. What makes me even excited is that there are more songs in her discography that I need to dive headfirst in. A ballad style that makes me want to grab a hairbrush and sing the song into a microphone, this feels like a diva song that the greats such as Celine Dion would die to have in their collection.