REVIEW album Tina Rix Babe (Single)

Another Stand Out Song From One Of My Fave Artists!

Babe (Single)

Tina Rix

Afrobeat and dance floor ready, 'Babe' makes me want to put my best outfit on, do my hair, hit the clubs and live my best life dancing with my friends. Armed with a seductive manner, the fun-loving contender is bathed with flirty lyricism and a sweet production.

Babe is a cute song for your special someone. I have masculine and feminine energy and songs like this are important to show the softer side of me. The feminine side of Tina is a great woman, mom, and lover when in a mutually respectful and loving relationship. The warrior side of Tina got to take a break when making this track and put her pretty girl clothes and shoes on!

Getting to record the female version of Xammie’s household tune, Tina’s take is flirtatious and fuelled by her distinctive afro-pop style. Stating it's the simplicity of the track that does it for her, ‘Babe’ feels like Valentine’s Day has come early!

Not only a whizz in the music industry, Tina is also a licensed psychotherapist, doctoral student, a mental health clinic owner, and an award-winning film director - is there anything this empowering woman can’t do?

Going from strength to strength, after writing this, I'm heading straight to her album and dancing around my bedroom! It's got to be done. Her music feels like healing music and something the whole world needs more of at the moment.