REVIEW album Daniel Mauro Wish You Away (Single)

I Could Never Wish This Song Away

Wish You Away (Single)

Daniel Mauro

It’s about finally taking off the rose colored glasses in a relationship and noticing the flaws. Daniel states in the song that he had been in a few relationships where he found myself apologizing for things that he didn't do, and that is a feeling that he thinks a lot of people can relate to.

A relatable single that describes what it’s like coming out of the honeymoon period in a relationship and seeing what it really is, ‘Wish You Away’ is a chilled, bittersweet number with moments of euphoria dashed throughout. Musically, the track is based around a simple pop structure but indicates that sometimes all you need is an endearing message and one hell of a vocal.

Releasing unparalleled pop songs complete with a DIY nature, Daniel’s known for his engaging lyrics and eccentric production. Able to give his audience a distinctive sound, his music also has a feeling that is familiar and intimate. I love Daniel's imagination in this song, it's vivid and lets you interpret things however you'd like to. Glistening with memorable elements, it's his voice that speaks volumes to me. I could never wish away this song, it feels like a part of my soul that I can never take away or rearrange, change or anything like that. Unparalleled with anything else you hear today, this song may have been out for a few years but it still has a place in my heart. It feels timeless.