REVIEW album JShell You Do You (Single)

'You Do You', Single From JShell As He Prepares For Audio & Visual Album, 'In My Head'

You Do You (Single)


If you need some new music that is going to excite and inspire you, then look no further than JShell, a New York City based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who is gearing up for the release of his audio and visual album, ‘In My Head’, with all 15 tracks on the project having their very own music video. A collection of music like no other, make sure that you don’t miss this!

As he prepares for the release of ‘In My Head’, JShell has released ‘You Do You’ a single from the album that shows exactly what it is he is building to. Not just a brilliant musical track, the vocals and lyrics of JShell balance perfectly, creating a cerebral experience that takes you in all sorts of different places with it’s unique sound that is appealing from the very first second.

Released alongside a video, giving a brilliant visual to the music that makes it that bit more captivating. A simplistic, hand-drawn style that makes an easy listening song, an easy watch. Brilliantly made, it effortlessly adds to the music by giving fantastic illustrations to every line and note.

A fantastic combination of artforms, JShell has instantly proved to me that this upcoming project is one to take note of. If ‘In My Head’ is anything like ‘You Do You’, then we’re all in for a audio and visual treat!


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