REVIEW album Xander Moon 1705 HZ (Single)

Experimental Singer-Songwriter Xander Moon Releases Latest Single '1705 Hz'

1705 HZ (Single)

Xander Moon

Xander Moon is a highly-strung experimental singer-songwriter, producer and artist from Salzburg, Austria. Taking inspiration from the multitude of genres that surround us all more so than ever, Xander delves into the realm of hip-hop, trap, alt-pop and everything in between in this all-encompassing and refreshing approach to music creation. He released his debut single ‘Apartments’ in March 2022 which is more of a dance-pop exploration, with other singles such as ‘Hi - Fives’ and ‘Vacations’ further showcasing the many different sides to Moon.

Beginning the year with his debut album, Xander shares a captivating alternative hip-hop-pop lead single ‘1705 Hz’. R&B is more than prevalent too in this real journey of a track, which highlights all of Xander Moon’s musical prowess, in what is a modern progressive that changes mood, tempo and genre seamlessly throughout. It begins with a spellbinding synth and Moon’s haunting yet commanding pop melodies and vocals, before quickly switching to rapping and changing dynamics so quickly.

It’s conceptual, eclectic and ever-changing from Xander Moon, and it locks you in immediately for a soothing vibe reminiscent of Frank Ocean, James Blake and A$AP Rocky. ‘1705 Hz’ shows the levels of Moon’s musicianship and songwriting, as well as his production, in an artist who has full creative control.