REVIEW album KLEE Project Running Out Of Time (Single)

Running Out Of Time - KLEE Project

Running Out Of Time (Single)

KLEE Project

"Running Out Of Time" is the new single of italian hard-rock act KLEE Project, a classic "all stars band" made by some famous musician of the national pop/rock scene. With a good number of LP and singles released during the last 3 years, KLEE Project is back today with a track who is a good compromise between past and new generation of hard-rock bands. Influenced by the catchy side of Bon Jovi and an obsessive attention to detail in terms of songwriting, "Running Out Of Time" move his focus on the word "Love" about lyrics, as explained by their frontman "It’s simply a song that talks about is not wasting anymore time to re-unite when two people that are in love. Also that life is too short (one stairway to heaven you climb) and you have to get it while you can (seize the day)... And not something you should avoid (hand of fate). It’s sort of love traumxa and not accepting that the love is over". If you love the american side of hard-rock music KLEE Project is an interesting name, with an intense dose of power and engagement. Check it out!