REVIEW album Same Old Tale Look Down (Single)

'Look Down', The Single From Same Old Tale As They Prepare For Their Upcoming EP!

Look Down (Single)

Same Old Tale

In need of some new music that will get you on the edge of your seat? Then look no further than Same Old Tale! The Israeli alt-rock and metal outfit are here with their latest single, ‘Look Down’, as they prepare to release their EP, ‘Tales Are Yet to Come’, which if it is anything like the single, we’re sure to be in for a big treat. With unbelievable music, lyrics and vocals, this is a single that you simply cannot afford to miss!

Written by lead singer, Maor Shem Tov, ‘Look Down’ was written at a time where he was in combat service, staying at the top of Hermon Mountain where only specific combat units can venture. With this experience, he saw people below living their lives with their jobs and loved ones, and as he realised what he couldn’t afford to lose, he dropped his rifle, picked up his guitar and penned these incredible lyrics. Serving as a taster for what’s to come, this is a track that kicks the doors off while loudly and proudly introducing you to the talents of Same Old Tale.

The track itself is a clear example of musical talent. Kicking the song off is some unique yet brilliant guitar riffs that burst into action when the drums kick in, creating an immense hard-rock from the first second. The music opens up perfectly for Shem Tov to seamlessly slip into the music, giving a vocal performance that fits the tone of the music perfectly and gives the single an edge that it wouldn’t have without his presence. Ending with a triumphant solo and a peak in vocals from Shem Tov, it solidifies itself as a track that you absolutely need to listen to. Make sure that this doesn’t pass you by!