REVIEW album Voodoo Rays Empire

Voodoo Rays Release 'Empire'


Voodoo Rays

With the release of their new album titled 'Empire,' Voodoo Rays are bringing the indie. The album is a nostaglic earworm that is infused with ten tracks, and it has an edge that jumps out of the scene from which it originated.

The album "Empire" starts off with a song called "Chantal," which establishes the tone for the remainder of the songs on the album. In a recent interview, the band revealed that the album is about a woman named "Chantal," and the more thoroughly one investigates the lyrics of each tune, the more clearly one can deduce that this is the case. In the first track, there is a guitar riff that reverberates out with a distinct atmosphere. In addition, the hazy mix fills the air with foot-tapping drum strikes and striking bass lines.

The third track on the album is titled "Ebbing," and it features an old-school sound with the bass taking the lead in moving the song forward. On this track, there is a remarkable resemblance to early Rakes, and it has a quality within it that stormed the scene in the middle of the 2000s. Both of these things are true. The voices are illuminating, and the wordplay pulls us to the edge of the speaker, where we wait eagerly to hear what is going to happen next.

The song 'She Drives' has quickly become a fan favourite, and listening to it invigorates us in new ways. It takes multiple influences from one of the most legendary bands in the independent music scene, Joy Division, but it also features plenty of fresh material! The album comes to a rousing conclusion with the song "Empire," which is the closing track. The band really brings it home with this one!