REVIEW album Bank Street Martyrs Leven the Vale

Bank Street Martyrs Are Here With Latest Single And Album, 'Leven the Vale'

Leven the Vale

Bank Street Martyrs

In need of some rock that’ll blow you away? Then look no further than The Bank Street Martyrs, who are here with their brand new single, ‘Leven the Vale’, from their recent album release of the same name. The single serves as a warm up for their album, showing fans and listeners just what it is they're capable of. The track also doubles as a tribute to the place the band call home, making this a single and album with a personal touch, making it as engaging as it is good. Make sure that you don't miss out on this!

Kicking off with drums that immediately serve as a platform for lead singer, Joseph Watema, to deliver a warming, soothing vocal performance that balances with the music from Andrew Marsland brilliantly. From the get-go, the drums and backing vocals set a beautiful tone that is only boosted by Watema's vocals, showing quickly that this single could just be the evidence you need to know that the album is an absolute gem. Rounded off by a brilliant solo that is reminiscent of some of the best rock music around, it’s a track that has everything required to be a playlist favourite. Flowing music that feels as good as it sounds from Marsland, vocals from Watema and lyrics from Ian Retson that hold your interest with solos that make you sit up and take notice. If the album lives up to the promise of the single, it’ll be a release that you simply cannot afford to miss.

The single comes alongside a music video, which is directed by a local filmmaker, Harvey Smart, really making this homecoming track much more personal than it already was, giving a visual connection as well as an audible connection. An overall great project, it’s a beautifully written and performed track that feels as personal and melancholic as it is fantastic. It’s an album and a single that is ready for you to dive straight in to. Don’t miss this!