REVIEW album Kenton Hall & The Necessary Measures Idiopath & Omniopath

Double Album, 'Idiopath' And 'Omniopath', By Kenton Hall & The Necessary Measures

If you’re in the need for some fresh, new, exciting music, then I’ve got just the artist for you! With the release of his debut double album, ‘Idiotpath’ and ‘Omniopath’ having just passed, it’s time to dive right into Kenton Hall and his collaborators, The Necessary Measures! Coming in with an experimental album that is supported by some immense talent in The Swinging Laurels, Vivien Scotson and Steve Nieve, this is a musical project that you don’t want to miss by many means!

As I go through ‘Idiopath’, I’ve selected some tracks that highlight some of the qualities that the album will bring, giving you an idea of what Kenton Hall is all about. Starting off, is ‘Careful How You Go’, a track with a punchy guitar rhythm that goes the blood flowing, before being joined by Hall whose vocals steal the show, perfectly matching the pace and tone of the music, holding your attention for each and every second.

The following track, ‘Dumb As A Brick’, really shows off just how fantastic they truly are. A new approach in their sound compared to the previous track, but the same storytelling qualities that we loved so much about the initial track. Giving a much slower pace and a much more downbeat vibe, the lyrics that stick with you and new music that is refreshing to hear demonstrate that they are far from just a one trick pony – they’re capable of blending into to multiple approaches seamlessly.

The third and final track on the album, ‘Going Too Far’, shows yet another unique approach, completely different from the rest. Not putting themselves in any self-ascribed comfort zone, they clearly show how they can adapt and use any sound at their disposal. In this track, a brilliant piano progression dovetails with a drumbeat, carrying the song perfectly for Kenton Hall, who follows up with another sublime vocal performance that is accompanied by brilliant guitar playing.

An album that contains brilliantly unique approaches to music while having talented individuals playing their part can only result in good things, and ‘Idiopath’ is a clear example of that. A fantastic album that contains not just talent, but a use of music that keeps every track feeling as fresh as the last, elevating themselves to the status of a group that you absolutely need to know all about.

Heading into the second album, ‘Omniopath’, we see yet another new approach, as we hear from Vivien Scotson on the brilliant, ‘I Think You Would Have Liked It Here’. Raw emotion, delivered by the vocals of Scotson who brilliantly conveys the mood of the song, creating an atmosphere that belongs with the music with ease. Given the platform to sing by a piano, it’s a simple track that allows her voice to take centre stage with more lyrics that tell a story.

The second and last track selected from ‘Omniopath’, ‘I Used To Be Pretty’, introduces us to the brilliant Dorie Jackson, who as a brilliant performer in her own right sings storytelling lyrics that mixed with her own talents, gives the song the perfect delivery needed to showcase the emotion the song possesses. Telling a story of a woman who no longer feels desired, Jackson sings wonderfully as she conveys the emotion with each lyric she sings.

All featured tracks are an example of the talent that Kenton Hall possesses, not only displaying it in a tired and trusted way of his, but using numerous approaches to his music that lets his immense vocals, and lyrics do the talking. Both albums are a fantastic example of what a good release is all about, and with the release date already having been and gone, you can dive into this project at a moment’s notice. Make sure you don’t miss out on this!