REVIEW album Da Exiles Never Stop Believing (Single)

Debut Single, 'Never Stop Believing' By Da Exiles

Never Stop Believing (Single)

Da Exiles

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music and are looking for a UK artist to hit the spot, then look no further than Da Exiles. South-London cousin duo, Harb Salaam and Mo Striker, have left behind their old life of struggle and hardship, putting their faith in God and their creative ability to bring an inspiring message to the youth of today with their single, ‘Never Stop Believing’. With the track coming later this month you simply cannot let this pass you by.

With a beat mode solely from vocals, so that Muslims and non-Muslims can enjoy their music, it opens up brilliantly for Mo Striker who delivers verses that tell a story of his past, showing the progression from being stuck on the wrong path and to finding God. A brilliant verse, he acknowledges the struggle and come up, delivering it all with a silky flow that you could compare to famous rappers such as Wretch 32, opening up the beat for Harb Salaam to enter the fold. Salaam, talking about his own struggle and come up, using a rhyming pattern that would fit within the golden-era of US hip-hop, completely owns the video when it’s his time – presence, style, flow and verses, he’s got it all. Both rappers brilliantly portray pain and success in equal measure, showing anyone who listens that a change is possible.

‘Never Stop Believing’ is a track that is full of inspirations, as both artists are living examples of striving for more. Expressed with undeniable talent, a unique beat and a message that is needed in the youth of today, this is a single that you cannot possibly ignore.