REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Travelling Through Wonders (Single)

Julia Thomsen And Marie Release 'Travelling Through Wonders'

Travelling Through Wonders (Single)

Julia Thomsen

With the release of 'Travelling Through Wonders', Julia Thomsen and Marie, a sound design artist and producer from Portugal, expand the boundaries of the creation, 'Wonderness'.

The sounds of nature emerge as the new piece rises from the speakers. While listening, this new work gives the impression that it is the beginning of a new day and possesses that miraculous morning aesthetic that stays with us throughout the day. The opening takes a diversion somewhat disconnected from the central part of the song before eventually returning approximately one minute into the track. Once more, the allure of 'Wonderness' leaves its imprint and ushers us into a domain brimming with peace.

Because the piece is constantly changing, it can be challenging to speculate about where it will lead next. It is a wonderful feeling that we get as it progresses. It gives off the idea that we are hovering over the world, flying above all the beautiful features of the world and seeing the beauty underneath us as it progresses. Towards the latter section of the track, there is a pulse drop, which adds another layer to the experience, with us feeling more at ease than we ever have before.

This track benefits immensely from Marie's skilled touch, and while doing so, the music's inherent vibrancy is preserved in a manner that is not at all compromised. It is a glorious release, and it ticks all of my boxes as I experience the early spring sun beaming hard through my window!